600 Million for Homes

More than half of renters in WA state are spending more than 30% of their income on rent. Our state's lack of affordable homes is costing us all. When people are spending most of their income on rent that means cutting back on other important necessities like healthcare, healthy food, childcare, and more. What makes our state a thriving, diverse, and wonderful place to live is at risk when access to a safe, healthy, and affordable home is out of reach for many. There is a tremendous need in our state and it will take innovative, broader, historic solutions to get us to the scale we need. So how do we get there?

This year we are asking the WA State Legislature to fund housing at the level we need to get closer to meeting our state's growing need. Our ask is a $600 million funding package to build affordable homes for almost 17,000 households. The package is a three pronged policy ask:

Invest $200 million in the Housing Trust Fund from the capital budget. 

Allow local communities to retain a portion of state's sales tax-(HB1406/Robinson, SB5646/Kuderer)

Make the state's Real Estate Excise Tax work for Affordable Housing- (HB1921/Frame) 


Organize and Advocate for Affordable Housing Across WA State.

We are a coalition of affordable housing leaders working throughout WA state to ensure everyone in WA has access to a safe, healthy, and affordable home. The Washington State Low Income Housing Alliance is a state-wide advocacy organization who works to mobilize housing advocates across the state to encourage state legislators to create policy solutions. The Housing Consortia leverage their regional networks to mobilize a cross-sector, collaborative movement of local advocates to engage at the local, county, and state level. As leaders in the affordable housing movement, we know that it takes people from all corners of the state, from all backgrounds, and all professional settings to raise their voice for affordability and accessibility. Local housing coalitions work in their respective regions to prevent and end homelessness and to ensure that people experiencing homelessness can meet their basic needs with dignity.

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